Public funded OER can led to politics dependent textbooks/resources

How educational resources are funded depends on a country, in many of which textbooks and other resources are already publicly funded (or co-sponsored) and selection and certification process of such resources also depends on educational system. What creates highest risk and is criticized widely by teachers and parents is the public funding and choosing of only one textbook. In such scenario it does matter if chosen textbooks are imposed to be used or it is open and free but available as one of those offered on the market, all certified. The first scenario creates an opportunity to be abused as a platform for political values of current ruling politicians. The second may lead to teachers and parents choosing more often the free textbook because of savings. Both of those scenarios can lead to political dependency not only if real choice would be difficult or unavailable but also when changing and using other versions of textbooks would be prohibited (for example by blocking use of non certified materials in schools). For such restrictions both open and closed educational materials cannot do much. But in all other cases making textbooks open can be solution for limited options available on the market by allowing authors, publishers and teachers to make their own version of open textbook.

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