About this site

Read this first. This site has one purpose – to bust myths about Open Educational Resources! There are two parts – a mythbusting guide and a quick introduction to OER. Both will help you find fast, simple and useful answers to myths, statements and unsupported claims about how Open Educational Resources (OER) do not work or do not suite educational systems and environments. They do.

Criticism of Open Educational Resources is diverse, motivated by varied anxieties and uncertainties, but also particular interests. Some of this criticism is justified and points to areas which need further work on the part of the OER community, or refer to specific OER projects. Still, much of the criticism is rooted in fallacies that simply need to be explained.

To achieve this, the site is divided into two sections:

1. Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources

is here to help you understand the basics of OER, what they are, how they work and where you can find them.

2. Myths about OER

is a set of articles about most common myths about open resources. We provides ways towards “mythbusting” – short answers why these are misconceptions, and pointers to additional reference materials.

We will continue mapping those fallacies as they appear, with the aim of constructing a practical toolset that addresses the most common questions, and that provides references leading to further sources of reliable information. If you would like to contribute, feel free to write to kamil@creativecommons.pl.

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