OER adoption is just too radical for my institution

Adopting an OER program does not mean that you have to throw away all your closed resources on day one. A lot of OER are developed as a supplement to the current teaching methods, especially in primary and secondary education (up to 18 years of age). Start with one book for one class in the fall semester. Share the assignment you have created as a teacher openly on one of the (inter)national platforms intended for it. Include one or two open textbooks in your proofreading of new textbooks for the class you teach in spring. See the advantages of OER for yourself, gather evidence and use the evidence collected all over the world about the value of open and then discuss a broader adoption of the system in your institution. To use a cliché: Rome was not built in one day.

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Author: Lisette Kalshoven, (Kennisland)

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