Teachers need more time and work to adapt OER

Discussing teachers’ work on preparation and adoption of learning materials is a much more complex issue and depends on many factors. Changes to resource-based learning which are happening recently are a part of increased work time needed for teachers to create and adapt learning materials to more individualized and active use. Growing access to different resources on the internet, combined with the ongoing rollout of ICT infrastructure into educational institutions brings a lot of new challenges for teachers. OERs are rather a solution then a cause of the problems. Though, as any new solution or device, they need some time to become easy and intuitive for people who want to work with them.

OER movement is developing very fast on new tools, database and learning opportunities for teachers and educator to implement them in their work. As the number of open resources and tools will grow, it will be easier for teachers to work with them. Also, if we want to work with complete sets of resources like e-textbook (and a lot of those are already available for many subjects in many countries) there can be no additional work.

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